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Episode 3: The branches of my tree; Harold Jackson Curry
June 17, 2010, 7:38 pm
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OK. Let’s begin with me. I’m Lindell Wayne Byford. I’m the trunk of this tree and there are four main branches that I’m concerned with – the Currys, the Campbells, the Franklins and the Byfords.

My mother was Elizabeth Curry and her father was Ernest Curry. Mom’s mother was Anna Leona Campbell, Annie or Leona to most of her friends. Mom’s first husband, my biological father, was Melvin Howard Franklin (who I usually refer to as Melvin) and her second was Troy Willis Byford, technically my stepfather though I never thought of him that way – he  was just Dad. He’s the one who raised me. So these are the four lines that I feel connected with and the branches of my family tree that I have researched. Subject to time and space limitations, I hope to talk about more than one branch in each installment of this blog.

Harold Jackson Curry (1920-2010)

We lost Harold a few months ago. He was my mom’s oldest brother and my favorite uncle. I learned a lot about my family during the last few years of his life. I would go visit him and we would sit around a woodfire in his backyard at night, even in the hottest months of the summer, and I would get him talking about his early days and, of course, his stories would involve other members of our family and I found out things I probably never would have learned, otherwise. He was ninety years old and loved the Lord. I miss him and often catch myself smiling when I think about him.

This is Harold and my mother when he was home on leave either just before or during World War II.


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